“most powerful and underappreciated feature.” らしい、なぜそこまで高評価なのかはわからないけど、確かに便利な機能。


Splicing is an attempt to make the Lightning user experience more seamless. In essence, splicing would let a user “top up” funds in an existing Lightning channel, or “drain” funds from it, potentially while keeping the channel open.

現状のpayment channelでは、一度channelを開いたらそこに追加でお金をチャージすることはできないし、一部を引き出すこともできない。 これを可能にするのがsplicing。



What that means is that your wallet does all of this automatically. It decides, depending on who you want to pay and whether they can be reached on-chain or off-chain to construct your transaction and piggyback as many open and closed channels as it needs to do.”

完全なニュアンスはわからないが、最終的にはon chain off chainを意識することなく最適な方で支払いが自動できるようになる・・・?